About us

Bebe & Me is a Manchester based clothing brand offering matching pieces for MAMAs and their MINIs.
Style and fashion are important to us, which is why all our pieces are designed to make our customers feel confident, cool and chic.
Bebe & Me was created back in early 2016 when our Founder, Shelley, was in the early stages of pregnancy with her firers daughter. After finding out she was having a girl, Shelley wanted to create something that she could share with her baby, and fashion was the only way forward.
As the old cliche goes: life is turned upside down once you have a baby so plans were put on hold while Shelley settled in to her new role as a first time mother.
After returning to work shortly after Indie's first birthday, Shelley decided to bring Bebe & Me to life, launching the online store in September 2017.